A Resource to Help You Educate Others on Financial Aid

Often as financial aid professionals, we get asked by those not in the business . . . how does it work or what is financial aid? Those asking us these questions may be the administrators at our schools or those developing public policy affecting state or federal financial aid programs. It’s critical that these questions be effectively answered to illuminate the vital role that financial aid plays in improving the lives of so many students. To help assist you in this important education process, the TASFAA Board of Directors, in conjunction with the TASFAA Legislative Issues Committee, has developed Financial Aid 101.

This presentation can be used by members to help explain the crucial work TASFAA members perform in assisting students access a high education. It also addresses the financial aid process, the aid dollars involved, and the benefit aid programs have on students’ lives. To view and download the Financial Aid 101 presentation, click here.

2 thoughts on “A Resource to Help You Educate Others on Financial Aid

  1. Thank you Allison, this is very relevant information and a presentation that will benefit us. We frequently utilize, and rely, on association materials in our district’s day-to-day activities.

    • Thank you for the positive feedback! Feel free to always let us know suggestions or comments for further resources we can provide to assist you.

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