From TGSLC News: Congratulations George!

A pillar of our TG community was recently honored for his work to increase access to higher education. George Torres, senior advisor to TG’s president, was inducted into the Texas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators Hall of Fame. The TASFAA Hall of Fame is an honorary group of financial aid administrators who are recognized for exceptional service in helping Texas students pursue higher education and succeed in life. George calls this a unique and humbling honor.
“I have truly enjoyed the last few decades working with the organization and its professionals, who do a fantastic job in a difficult state. The collaboration with all of the membership and leadership in identifying college access issues and crafting positions has been a particular source of gratification,” says George.
This is much-deserved recognition for George, who has worked at TG for more than 30 years. Fueled by a passion for helping students and their families, George has assisted in leading TG through multiple legislative cycles. He has worked closely with the Texas congressional delegation, educating lawmakers on how bills pending before Congress would impact Texas, its schools, and its students.
“No one better understands the federal and state political landscapes than George, and he is able to apply that understanding to help TG advance its higher education agenda. George is driven by a passion and commitment to improving higher education completion and success in Texas and the nation, always looking from a lens of making things better than they are today,” says TG President and CEO James Patterson.
Together with TASFAA, George has helped identify important issues in higher education and developed proposals to address those issues in order to help students and families.
“Success in the legislative realm starts with integrity. This can emerge from being the most informed on the issues that matter. It can also flow from being honest. George’s reputation for being frank is not a coincidence; it’s integral to his strategy for building trust. This foundation of trust has cemented sturdy relationships that have helped TG succeed for students across Texas,” explains friend and colleague Jeff Webster, TG’s Director of Research.
Not one to rest on his accomplishments, George is focused on the future and preparing for the challenges ahead.
“Obviously, there is still much work to do, especially getting legislative and congressional staff to rely more on TASFAA as a professionally-recognized resource when college affordability legislation is considered by committees. The means to advocate effectively are in place with TASFAA members across the state. With the support on the very capable research and SIS staff in particular, TG will continue fulfilling this role,” he explains.
Congratulations, George, and thank you for your service to TG and Texas students.
November 9, 2016
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