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Alan AhmadDear TASFAA,

As we embark on our 50th year as an Association, let’s focus on the critical role you – our TASFAA members – play every day in the lives of so many students and their families. You help each year to ensure that hundreds of thousands of students have access to a higher education. You facilitate this access while also managing highly complex and difficult to administer financial aid programs.

In addition to the essential work you perform on your campuses or within your organizations, so many of you volunteer your time and talent to TASFAA. This dedication results in a vibrant and dynamic Association. Volunteers serve on a variety of committees that advocate for informed public policies, educate high school counselors about financial aid programs, offer professional training and networking opportunities for members, and so much more. Our volunteers continue to enhance the professionalism of our members and improve the lives of students in ways that can only be accomplished through the collaboration of our Association’s diverse membership.

As we work together to ensure TASFAA’s continued success, I encourage you to challenge yourself and begin or continue to volunteer. We have a number of initiatives underway to serve our members effectively. This year, for example, we hope to adopt a three-year strategic plan. This member-developed plan will help guide the Association as we move forward in accomplishing our vision and mission. We will continue to build upon our advocacy efforts to improve the financial aid programs that are vital to so many financially-needy students. We will also be working to refine our training and investment policy to further improve the ways in which we meet your needs as TASFAA members.

As I begin my term as TASFAA president, I look forward to discussions and working with you to continue strengthening our great Association. Together, we will do our part to serve as an exemplar for promoting student access and success in higher education while also providing excellent professional development opportunities for Association members.


Christopher D. Murr, Ph.D.

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